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About PermaPaper™

PermaPaper™ the Waterproof Paper People

“The Waterproof Paper People”

We are a specialist Australian Company committed to providing the highest quality Waterproof Permanent Paper products so that your Print and Art applications are of the highest standard.

We are also committed to providing a superior product that not only looks great and works even better but is also kind to our delicate environment.

All our products are recyclable. PermaPaper Permanent Paper has the strength and durability of plastic but the appearance and printability of paper with a huge array of additional beneficial features.

We Provide Quality Products

At Waterproof papers we’ve been dealing in high quality synthetic papers for about 20 years. So, we’ve got to know a thing or two about what’s good and what’s not. Permapaper™ Permanent Paper is the very best available from the myriad of these types of papers that call themselves “waterproof” being the strongest most durable waterproof paper ever made that you can rely on time and time again yet it’s a synthetic paper that’s Recyclable into re-usable products like cable reels, plant pots.

Because it’s based on Polyester, PermaPaper™ Permanent Paper products have the added benefit of staying flat and with much less static AND they don’t have the tendency to stick together and jam in the printer. A relatively NEW Application is that of creating Artworks on PermaPaper™ using Alcohol inks and Shellac. PermaPaper™ is used extensively for this.

Just as important as having a great product that’s easy to use , is dealing with someone who will be reliable, be totally attentive to your needs, be answering your questions promptly and be expedient in delivery. That’s us !! We do whatever it takes to provide the Best in all areas.

Money Back Guaranteed!

We always offer a money back satisfaction Guarantee on all our Waterproof Papers……That’s right !  Your money back if you’re not totally satisfied. We also offer to give the “Best Value Guarantee” …..  so if you were ever to find that you could obtain the same product specifications at a lower price we would beat that price by 10% AND don’t forget when looking at  Waterproof Permanent Papers they can come in a range of thicknesses  and qualities for such things as laying flat after printing  , the ease of printing the sheets, the range of printers you can use  and the “anti-static” qualities to name a few of the benefits of using PermaPaper™.

Enquire about saving money when buying larger quantities……..

make it Easy …….make it Strong ….make it Permapaper