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make it Easy… make it Strong… make it PermaPaper

PermaPaper™ products are made from extremely high   grade polyester which means they  have far superior characteristics to other similar products that are commonly manufactured from Polypropylene materials.

There are so many beneficial features of PermaPaper™ we don’t want to bore you so we have tried to pick out these  main benefits here ……

All PermaPaper™ products come in various weights and thicknesses .

  1. You can print it ….freeze it …. wash it ….write on it ….even boil it   and are  strong and dependable
    • Tougher than paper
    • Recyclable
    • No need to laminate
    • High opacity > 95%
    • WaterProof including seawater
  2. Withstands….
    • Bleach & cleaning chemical
    • Tearing
    • Grease
    • Petrol & Oil
    • Alcohol
  3. Have superior resistance  to moisture and weather
  4. Smooth finish
  5. Much higher resistance to heat  (curling)   in the printing process and therefore increased ability to stay flat
  6. Much less static than other products
  7. Superior ink adhesion allowing brilliant crisp images
  8. Accept die cutting, perforations, embossing
  9. Can withstand temperatures as low as -40° and up to 250° (not an open flame!) Important: PermaPaper™ is not fire retardant.
  10. Wipes clean
  11. Brilliant Hi White
  12. Prints smoothly consistently and effortlessly
  13. PermaPaper™ is so tough you can  run it through a dishwasher, it can even withstand heat up to 240 degrees and so strong that you can write on it under water.
  14. Because PermaPaper™ is a polyester product it has an extended shelf life in itself and for the printed product

Our colours are ideal for bright & organised labelling, creating instruction manuals, or for making signs which do not need laminating. All the products are available to order in A4, A3, SRA3 & custom sizes.  Pre-punched sheets & other custom features are also available to special order.